I get to

“I get to.”

Three little words that can be so powerful.

The parking lot is packed; the only available spaces are very far away.

Mindset shift: I get to walk the long distance because I am healthy; I am not handicapped.

I am having a bad day at work; I get frustrated dealing with vendors, customers, and co-workers.

Mindset shift: I get to work inside an air-conditioned office sitting behind a desk; I am not working outside in 100+ degree weather installing roofs.

My son is acting up; he loves to tell me ‘no’ and argues with me.

Mindset shift: I get to communicate with him; he doesn’t have nonspeaking autism where he cannot speak.  I just need patience and have the right approach.

Someone cuts me off in traffic; I get mad.

Mindset shift: I get to drive without stress. The driver may be rushing to the hospital because a loved one is very sick. I’m not so mad anymore.


Mindset shift: I get to have all these human experiences because I am alive; my dad passed away 3 years ago. What he wouldn’t give to be alive and experience life, the good and the bad.

It’s the story we tell ourselves. A simple shift in the words we use can make a world of difference.

Leverage the power of words.